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Teresa Vibar Principal at Hidden River Middle

As the principal at Hidden River Middle School, I believe it is critical to build positive relationships with students and families, as well as strengthening Hidden River’s International Baccalaureate and French Immersion programs. Hidden River partners with Central for years 4 and 5 of the MYP and French Immersion. IB education lets students experiment with inquiry-based learning through a global perspective. Teachers become facilitators of learning and can tailor curriculum to their students’ abilities. Hidden River also works with L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion transitioning students from 5th grade into the middle school French Immersion program.

I spent the majority of my career in Saint Paul Public Schools at Highland Park Elementary, where I had my first teaching job as a science teacher. I also taught several grade levels. And after a three year assistant principalship at Webster Elementary now Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary I returned as the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme Principal at Highland Park Elementary. But it was during my undergraduate study at the College of St. Catherines, that I completed my first education field experience in a math classroom at Hidden River Middles School.

I was born and raised in Pine Island, a small white farming community in southern Minnesota. I remember as a young girl, playing in the woods, riding my bicycle on gravel roads and spending time by the river. I later became active in basketball, track and playing cello.

In ninth grade, my family relocated to Atlanta, Ga. for a couple years due to my father’s work. It was in Atlanta that I first experienced friends and classmates of color in school. After experiencing a big city and the diversity it offered, I always knew I would live in an urban area and that is why I chose to go to college at St. Catherine in Saint Paul.

I am a mother of 4 children, all who attended Saint Paul Public Schools, two sons now graduated and two daughters who are actively engaged in their high school experience.

I love to run, bike, scrapbook and spend time enjoying the four seasons in Minnesota with my family.   My children are very active in sports and school activities which I also enjoy attending! I am fortunate to have a brother in Texas and a sister in Oregon who always welcome my visits when Minnesota winters get too long and cold!

I have an “open door policy” for students, staff and families. When I’m in my office, and the door is open, a simple knock is all you need when you walk in.

Principal Vibar at SPPS

Teresa Vibar has worked as a teacher and administrator in Saint Paul since the fall of 1988!

In 2013, Vibar earned the Elementary Leadership Achievement Award from the Minnesota Elementary School Principals' Association for encouraging leadership at Highland Park Elementary.

Vibar's philosophy is that schools are full of student leaders and teacher leaders.