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Staff Directory

Administration Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Teresa Vibar Principal 651-744-6702
April Hayes Assistant Principal- 6th grade & 8th grade Last Name (A-L) 651-744-5086
Kris Chlebecek Assistant Principal 7th grade & 8th grade Last Name (M-Z) 651-744-2061
Ayoub Nigatu Counselor - Student last names M-Z 651-793-7377
Barbie Woodruff Counselor - Student Last Names A-L 651-744-2087
Mary Green School Nurse 651-744-7731
Anne Kent Social Worker 651-744-7601
Nina Cecere Social Worker 651-744-1039
Sandy Pothen Lead Clerk 651-744-6363
Sue Roach Attendance Clerk 651-744-4750
Genesis Lopez 7th Grade Intervention Specialist 651-744-1402
Michael Walker 8th Grade Intervention Specialist 651-744-2090
Nell Binford 6th Grade Intervention Specialist 651-744-6294

Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Albers, Margaret Special Education  
Anderson, Nelly Special Education  
Bailey, Sean English Language Arts 651-293-8860
Bannon, Katie WINN Teacher 651-744-2101
Binford, Nell Intervention Speicalist 651-744-6294
Branstad, Anne Speech-Language Pathologist 651-744-6796
Bronson, Kari English Language Arts 651-744-2912
Campbell, Nichole Learning Lead  
Carter, Byron Special Education 651-744-6873
Daniel, Anthony Mathematics  
Del Main, Amy ELL Teacher 651-744-6744
Fischer, Emma Music Teacher 651-744-1042
Fontana, Elisabeth IB-MYP Coordinator 612-548-4517
Gallagher, John English Language Arts 651-744-8061
Gavin, Mariah Special Education 651-744-1455
Graf, Jacob Social Studies  
Green, Mary Nurse 651-744-7731
Hagen, Cara Technology/iPad Manager 612-568-2358
Hammes, Annabelle Science  
Hart, Melissa English Language Arts/AVID 651-744-2160
Haugen, Thomas Social Studies 651-744-6742
Haukom, Katrina Mathematics 651-744-6475
Kaufenberg, Abbie Health Education Teacher  
Kees, Ann Science 651-744-7637
Langlie, Sonja English Language Arts 651-774-3018
Larson, Aileen MYP Design Teacher  
Lutz, Chris Mathematics 651-744-6735
Messar, Aryn English Language Arts 651-744-5169
Nigatu, Ayoub Counselor, Grades 6-8, Last Names M-Z 651-793-7377
Ousley, Amelia Social Studies 651-744-5905
Payia-Yang, Rachel World Languages - French 651-744-3118
Pineda Johnson, Josephine Mathematics 651-744-8060
Rouillard, Teanna Flipside/Afterschool Program Coordinator 651-744-4642
Sawyer Beach, Anne Literacy Coach 651-744-6563
Schuneman, Jordan World Languages - Spanish 612-548-4981
Seeman, Terry Physical Education Teacher 651-744-2157
Selnes, Emma Art Teacher 651-744-1069
Sheridan, Phil Librarian/Media Specialist 651-744-2100
Skaja, Ellen Mathematics 651-401-5770
Solachava, Halina World Languages - French 651-744-7000
Spano, Nick Science  
Teefy, Patricia World Languages - French 651-744-8269
Thorson, Sonja ELA Teacher 651-744-1523
Wathum-Ocama, Daniel Special Education 651-744-3872
Wiczek, Shaw Physical Education  
Winter, Delia Science  
Woodruff, Barbie Counselor, Grades 6-8, Last Names A-L 651-744-2087