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WEB is an acronym that stands for Where Everybody Belongs! WEB is a program lead by 8th graders and WEB's main goal is to welcome incoming 6th graders to the Hidden River community. WEB leaders provide all sorts of help to the new 6th graders — from curing first day jitters and figuring out lockers, to tackling bigger issues, like bullying, and planning for success in middle school. 

WEB’s biggest event of the year is WELCOME CAMP 6 which is on the first day of school. During this day long event WEB leaders play get-to-know-you games with the 6th graders, give 6th graders a few pointers about middle school success, and show them around their new school! 

As the school year goes on, WEB leaders stop by 6th grade Foundations and play more fun games with 6th graders as well as act as mentors. This year WEB Foundation visits have gotten off to a slow start, but plans are in the works for WEB to visit Foundations on Feb. 18th and 19th. 

WEB leaders also help the Hidden River community beyond Camp 6. Throughout the year WEB leaders help out new students, and also lead tours for students considering joining the Hidden River community. 

How do you become a WEB leader?

WEB leaders are just that…leaders! First off WEB leaders have to be in 8th grade. To become a WEB leader students apply in March/April of their 7th grade year. They are then interviewed by one of the WEB coordinators. Leaders are chosen by the WEB coordinators based on their leadership ability, behavior, and overall excitement for making the Hidden River community a better place.

WEB coordinators are Mr. Bailey and Ms. King. 

What else does WEB do? 

WEB also goes on field trips throughout the year to learn about our global community, participate in community service, and to celebrate the hard work they do all year. Currently WEB is taught as an Elective Class and a Foundations. WEB leaders also participate in the normal Foundations curriculum. 

For more information on the national WEB program click here. 

For more information on the Hidden River's WEB program email:

Mr. Bailey at


Ms. King at 

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