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Hidden River Parents

We welcome and encourage parent involvement at Hidden River, and believe that your students are more successful when they have your support during the ups and downs of the middle school years. You are the experts and know your child like no other, and we look to you as we partner in guiding your student through his or her two years at Hidden River. Don't be put off when your child says she will just faint if you show up at school; it's quite the contrary! Students really DO appreciate (and need) your presence.

There are many ways to be involved in your students school life and this can range from helping them set up a homework routine to picking them up after school hours if they stay for tutoring. You can attend and support them in their participation in band/orchestra or athletics. Some parents are able to help volunteer with teacher dinners during conferences, or have some free time to help in the library. Other parents have donated funds to help support classroom field trips and to purchase much needed special things that teachers request.

All parents have special talents that we would love to tap, so please consider becoming involved.