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Frequently Asked Questions

Library Hours

What time does the library open?

The library is open at  8:00 am.

How late is the library open after school?

The library is open after school until 3:00 PM.

Can I come to the library during the school day?

Students may come to the library with permission from their teacher anytime after the first ten minutes of each period EXCEPT during 2nd and 3rd hour, depending on the Mr. Sheridan teaches a class and the library is closed during 3rd hour A Days and 2nd hour B Days.) Students who wish to come to the library during lunch may request a lunch pass. (Get these from the administrator in the lunch room.) 

Borrowing Library Materials

How do I find a book that I want to read?

Students can search the RMS Library's catalog using Destiny from any computer or iPad. Students have a Destiny shortcut on their iPad home screens.

How do I check out an ebook?

Use any of the eBook apps in Self Service.  The SPPS Virtual Library has a good description of each reading app.

I would recommend using Libby, which connects you to St. Paul Public Library and other metro libraries.  Here's a link to a video on setting it up:

Libby For E-Books

MackinVIA is another another site that has great e-books that SPPS has purchased.  He's a how-to video to make things easier:

How to use MackinVIA

How do I check out books?

Students need their student ID number. Just stop at the circulation desk and we'll do the rest!

How many books can I check out at a time?

Students may borrow as many books as they are willing to reasonably read. Please return books you are not reading so others can check them out.  

What if I changed my mind and don't want my book anymore?

You can return books anytime. Just put them in the book return outside the library doors or at the circulation desk.

What if I need my book for longer?

You can always bring your book(s) in to the library and extend your check-out. You might get an email reminding you to return the book, but if you need to keep it longer, please do.  I don't want to get in the way of your reading!  


There is a book I want to read but it isn't available at Ramsey. Can I request a book for the library?

Students and staff can request titles by submitting a book request here:

What if I have lost a book?

Students should report a lost book to Mr. Sheridan.

What if my book is damaged or vandalized?

Report any damage or vandalism to Mr. Sheridan.