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Kick Start Your School Year

Are You New To This School?
Are you nervous?  You are not alone.  There are many new students here too!  You will be surprised at how easy it is to make new friends.  Your teachers, staff, counselor and administrators are here to help you become a successful learner.  If you have any questions or need help, just ask us.  We are here for you!

Have a Positive Attitude
Believing in yourself and your abilities will make you a successful student.  What happened last year is in the past.  This year is a new year.  You have the ability to change and become the person you want. 

Free Breakfast at School
Everyone knows it is important to have a healthy breakfast every day.  Don’t have time to eat breakfast at home?  Saint Paul Public Schools provides free breakfast to all students every school day.  There are no forms to fill out. 

Come Prepared Everyday
Each day you have the opportunity to learn and build upon your education.  Having plenty of sleep, notebooks, textbooks, folders, pencils, completed homework assignments and being focused in class are tools that will help you become a successful student.

Ask Questions
Don’t get lost or left behind in class.  If you don’t understand a concept or assignment, ask the teacher for help.   There are many ways to get help.  You can meet before or after school with the teacher.  Tutoring services may be available.

Get Involved
There are several opportunities to get involved at Hidden River Middle School.  A variety of school sports are held throughout the year.  Check with the Athletic Director for eligibility and medical forms.  Hidden River has an extended day learning program called Rams Club in which students can participate in enrichment activities after school.  Rising eighth grade students who want leadership experience or like being a peer mentor can be part of W.E.B.  Be a volunteer at school or in your community.  For more information about getting involved, contact your school counselor.